At ASK we work with NGOs, bilateral and multilateral organisations, in our quest to achieve and sustain visible equitable and inclusive socio-economic development.


Association for Stimulating Know How is a capacity building organisation working with Grassroot Communities, NGOs, the Government, and Corporates towards achieving equitable development and social justice. We are committed to the vision of bringing measurable change to primary beneficiaries at grassroots levels through an active engagement with partners in the process. Over the years, our work has gained prominence among NGOs, Donor Agencies, Corporates, the Government, and Individuals owing to our quest to provide support and services that are “Relevant and Results Oriented”. Our expertise and services have been broadly classified under five domains namely Capacity Building, Evaluation & Studies, Corporate Social Accountability, Resettlement & Rehabilitation, and Action For Inclusion.

Action for Inclusion

Action for Inclusion comprises of a set of projects and programmes initiated and/or managed by ASK, which have demonstrative value and seek to work towards the inclusion of disadvantaged and marginalized communities. Our programmes are further intended towards building the capacities of parallel projects and organisations by setting up model examples of advocacy, outreach, comprehensive inclusion, and results based management. The genesis of the domain took place with one model project in 1998 which worked with children and families involved in the process of brass manufacturing in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.