About Us
We believe in the human potential to create a world that is just, equitable, peaceful and secure.


ASK is a capacity building, self-supporting, voluntary organisation working nation-wide across India, as well as Internationally to promote the best interests of marginalized groups and societies. ASK is unique in the sense that our reach ranges from the grassroots to multilaterals, wherein we understand and share our perspectives from the local to the global level. ASK is an open organization which has over the years established strong credibility among its partner organizations. We focus on the continuous enhancement of our own capacities, facilitating better engagement with our partners, and to ensure that our work stays relevant at all times. We are known to work with strong values, integrity, transparency, and accountability, providing customized and need-specific inputs to our partners and target communities.

Vision: ASK Visualizes a Society Characterized by “Equitable Access through Convergence of Mutually Accountable Initiatives of Civil Society and Its Institutions.”

Mission: To Be a Capacity Building Institution and Enable CBOs, Intermediary Organizations, and Corporates to Achieve and Sustain Visible Socio-Economic Development.

The mission and vision of ASK stem from the unflinching faith that we, as an organisation, have in the human potential and capacity. We firmly believe that humans have the ability to create a better world that is Just, Equitable, Peaceful and Secure.

We further believe that this better world will come about through collaborative efforts as against confrontational stances of stakeholders, who will steadily rise above, with a broader world view and understand one’s responsibility in the larger scheme of things. We have a clear realization that this process will test the patience and perseverance of change agents like ASK and we are prepared to stand the test. We are aware that there are many more individuals and organizations like us, with whom we would be happy to meet and collaborate in order to achieve our shared vision and goals.

We Believe In
  • Professional
  •     Accountability
  • Open Communication
  • Respect and
  •     Consideration
  • Learning From
  •     Experience
  • Honesty to Self and
  •     Others
  • Belief in Human Potential