AT-GRASSROOTS SOCIETY (ATG) is a not for profit organization which works on the most relevant issues of the most marginalized communities in a “Results Oriented Manner”. It is an initiative to strengthen the efforts and processes of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and communities to bring socio-economic empowerment and hence creating sustainable changes for the excluded and marginalized communities.

The team at ATG believes in conceptualizing and augmenting “Community Lead” development in which capacities of most marginalized are built with the purpose to bridge the gaps between the people’s needs and services available such as Livelihoods, education, health, nutrition, access to socio economic schemes and services. ATG has adopted a Life Cycle Approach across all its thematic intervention to serve the actual purpose and contribute towards IMPACT. Children, women and families are key target groups for ATG as interventioned related to above mentioned thematic areas could not be done in isolation, without ensuring the upliftment and participation of the whole family.

We achieve our targets through continuous engagement with our project team members, our partners and stakeholders such as the CBOs, NGOs, donor agencies, direct and indirect beneficiaries and the whole community through the following strategies;

Awareness building and Sensitization:
ATG stresses on proper education and sensitization of children, families and other stakeholders on their developmental issues so that they also feel the need of working on it.

Institution Building:
ATG believes in creating peoples organization so as to make the intervention community led and achieve sustainability.

Capacity building:
ATG adopts Capacity building as one of the core strategies; organization believes that there is ample potential among underprivileged families, communities, service providers and other stakeholders to achieve development which can be strengthened and develop through capacity building.

Collaboration and Networking:
The organization realises that working alone will not help develop as an organization and for that it will collaborate with other network and forums at state and national level for wider contribution and visibility.

Linkages with other service providers and other government programs or schemes:
The organization will provide accessibility to various governmental schemes and services by other organizations to the primary stakeholders and for this, it will form linkages with the service providers and governmental agencies.

Issues based right-based action:
Organization feel that the use of evidence based rights based action as social accountability tool and constant positive engagement is always helpful to bring policy and systemic level change at government level. ATG will build alliance with other like minded NGOs, CBOs and civil society actors for larger level advocacy on rights of the children.

Creating model for replication:
Organization will always try to create model intervention across all themes so it can be shared with larger sector for replication.

Engaging with Govt. systems and strengthening the existing systems:
ATG will also work with the system, understand it and facilitate in strengthening the same towards its effective functioning.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (ME&L):
ME&L will be the cross cutting aspect of each intervention in the organization. The organization will emphasis on proving (accountability) as well improving (learning) in all its intervention.