Training & Capacity Building
Knowledge and skill must ever be expanding, and adapting, to meet the growing challenges of socio-economic development.


Training & Capacity Building are core competencies of ASK, The Training and Capacity building division draws its existence from the organization’s mission to be a capacity building institution enabling CBOs, intermediary organisations and corporates to achieve and sustain visible socio-economic development. At the time of inception itself, ASK identified a clear void that existed in terms of capacities of CBOs and NGOs to properly plan, implement, and measure development programmes in India. The Training and Capacity Building division strives to minimize this gap by providing expertise and

hand holding support in developing and implementing methods of effective programme management with a results-based orientation, and in equipping partners with the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with a wide array of socio-economic development issues across the country and internationally.

Capacity Building Need Assessment
What Are Your Strengths, Weaknesses,
Opportunities & Threats?

How Well Do You Address Them
& Where Do You Fall Short?

What additional Knowledge, skills or perspectives do the Organizational members and staff require?
Can We Make A List?
Can We Highlight The Problem Areas?

Now Let’s Work Together To Address Them!

ASK works with Community Based Organisations, Government and Non-Government Organisations, Corporates and Donor Agencies, with a customized, need-specific and process oriented approach. One of our key decisions at ASK is that Capacity Building would never be restricted to a one way discourse. We believe that engagement is a vital part of initiating any process oriented intervention. Active engagement, along with field exposure, contextual exercises, and necessary follow up where required, are essential to ensure effective practical application and sustainability of interventions. We don’t view Capacity Building as an event. We are Partners in Change. The true success of our efforts lies in seeing our partners accomplish their goals both, in the short term, as well as in the long run.

Approaches to Capacity Building

Training & Workshops
At ASK we don’t just consider ourselves to be Trainers, but rather adopt the role of Facilitators helping organisations achieve their goals. The process of identifying areas in need of Capacity Building support and developing interventions to meet those needs is highly participatory, guided by our expertise and experiential learning from across the country and internationally. Our training sessions and workshops intend to target very specific areas of work, generating practical solutions that are relevant, timely, result oriented and always in context. We provide recommendations, demonstrations, and hand holding support on how new strategies can be adopted and practiced outside the classroom and in the field.

Assessment & Accompaniment Support
A ‘Capacity Building’ intervention, whether at the organizational, societal, programme or project level, can be deemed to be successful as long as developed strategies are being correctly adopted, and are generating the desired positive results. ASK offers an in-depth post-training assessment and accompaniment support to its partners to verify whether Capacity Building inputs are being correctly and effectively mainstreamed into the system. We accompany our partners in the field, at their offices, or among community members to work towards perfecting new techniques, policies, or strategy implementation. Wherever needed, we demonstrate the skills and techniques in the field in order to generate confidence and enthusiasm among partner staff members, followed by positive feedback to partners when they practice the same skill and technique.

Exposure Visits
At ASK we believe that experiential learning is the best kind of learning. The development sector comprises of numerous ‘partners in change’ who work towards collective goals in their own spheres of work. There is much to be learnt from the experiences of others, and much to be shared from one’s own experiences. ASK facilitates Exposure Visits for organisations enabling them to mutually benefit from other organisations and programmes relevant to them, while providing our own expertise in the matter. Exposure Visits expose organizations to ground realities, challenges, methods of overcoming challenges, approaches to work, community level consultations, methods of tracking progress, strengths and weaknesses of other partners, enabling them to broaden their own perspectives, strengthen their own strategies and help partners in turn strengthen theirs. ASK Exposure Visits are a unique

display of the spirit of collaboration and collective learning for all.

Development of Training Modules & Manuals
An additional support service provided by ASK is the development of training modules, manuals and plans for organisations that feel the need for professional training material specific to various areas of programme management. Such training material may be used internally by organisations on a time to time basis during new staff inductions or organizational and programme review sessions. Manuals serve as training aids for trainers within organisations enabling them to conduct and deliver effective training sessions. ASK maintains a participatory approach to developing training modules and manuals, leveraging upon the existing knowledge of organisations and enabling them to own the process as well as results.

Areas of Intervention

The following are the specific areas of intervention wherein ASK provides Training & Capacity Building support to stakeholders from grassroot communities to international organisations:

Result Based Management & Project Cycle Management
Enabling NGOs to understand and internalize the concept of RBM and to develop the skills to manage programmes and projects with a clear focus on results

Rights Based Approach
Discussing, Human rights, their history and origin, clarifying the Human rights approach, its principles, characteristics and necessity and while focusing on methods and tools of advocacy

Organization Development
Enabling NGOs to develop as institutions by establishing clarity and making decisions on their identity, role, vision, mission, approach, long term objectives and organization structure, culture and policies through a participatory process

Participatory Development
Helping organisations create conceptual clarity and understanding on the process of development, importance of participation, including methods of PRA, group formation, micro planning, participatory monitoring, among others

Formation and Capacity Building of Community Based Organizations
NGOs are assisted to decide and review models of community based organizations. Training on capacity building of CBOs is aimed at developing their knowhow and skills to understand and perform their roles effectively.

Skill Development
Training of Trainers, Training on Facilitation Skills and Training on Managerial and Supervisory Skills are provided to organisations seeking development of internal training capabilities and skills, as well as those seeking assistance in developing a Training Department within their organisation

Behavioral Issues
Providing change agents with an opportunity for self-analysis and self-reflection, while providing feedback and inputs on behavioral issues for better performance as development professionals

Sectorial Issues
Training on sectorial issues is done to bring clarity on subject domains, and to enable organizations to develop relevant strategies on specific issues such as Community Managed Disaster Risk reduction, Micro Credit, Micro Enterprise Development, Gender and Development, Good Governance, etc.

Participatory Methods of Learning:
  • Role Plays
  • Group Discussions
  • Case Studies
  • Practical Exercises
  • Experiential Exercises
  • Participatory Feedback
  •   Sessions
  • Post Meeting Exposure
  • Visits

We Would Be Happy To Hear From You

At ASK we welcome any queries you may have with regard to our organization, our work and our services. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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