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ASK has rich experience of working with NGO partners in India as well as internationally. For our fellow NGOs, we serve as a resource agency that helps build capacities and provides customized services for effective management, planning, result tracking, and strategizing of various programmes, projects and organisations.

As the development sector progresses it becomes imperative for CBOs and NGOs to stay relevant vis-à-vis changing contexts. Changing social, economic, political and legal scenarios pose challenges to CBOs and NGOs, wherein the latter need to be prepared, with a pro-active, rather than a re-active stance. Amidst these external challenges, coupled with increasing constraints on resource mobilization, it is vital to ensure that the larger mandates on socio-economic development do not suffer.

Timely and effective organizational strategies can go a long way in working towards organizational relevance, sustainability, self-sufficiency, capacity building, and attainment of visions.

We recognize that you may be involved in one or more areas of development work, and assure you of our competencies, expertise, and knowledge across a wide array of subjects. You may read more about our perspectives and experience across key socio-economic domains by visiting our page on Focus Areas.

Thank you for being a noble Partner in Change. We believe that it is only through mutual collaboration that we can achieve the goals that we have set out for ourselves. Mentioned below are ways in which we believe we could be of assistance to you. This is a concise list of services specifically for Non-Government Organisations and Community Based Organisations. Further details regarding our methodologies, processes, service types, and experience, may be found under the relevant We Offer pages.


Trainings & Capacity Building: Helping CBOs & NGOs build their capacities in a practical and need specific manner, on various managerial approaches that can be applied to programmes across several developmental contexts. These include Results Based management, Rights Based Approach of work, Participatory Methods, among others. Trainings are also conducted on diverse sectorial issues such as micro-enterprise development, gender & development, disaster risk reduction, and community development, to name a few.

Organization Development: Enabling CBOs &NGOs to develop as institutions by establishing clarity on identity, role, vision, mission, approach, policies, long term objectives and organization structure through a participatory process. An Organisation Development (OD) is carried out with a thorough context analysis and understanding of the organization’s specific requirements.

Training of Trainers (ToTs): Very often NGOs wish to develop their internal training capabilities either by grooming individual management, or by setting up internal training departments. At ASK we facilitate such processes, while also providing specific trainings to trainers, managers, auditors, and supervisors on skills and approaches to conducting comprehensive and participatory capacity building exercises. Our inputs are always customized to be relevant to participants and contexts.

Programme Planning, Evaluation & Studies: We assist organisations in developing sustainable, relevant, and fruitful strategies through stages of programme planning to implementation and review. At ASK we have a specialized domain for Evaluations & Studies, with professionals possessing cross country and international experience of working on several socio-economic sectors. Our deliverables include need and situation assessments, impact assessments, monitoring and use focused evaluations, process documentation and social research, among others.

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