Resettlement Census Surveys
We believe in making each one count, and each opinion matter, with emphasis on the marginalized and the poor.


In order to successfully identify and incorporate social dimensions into projects, the Resettlement &Rehabilitation division undertakes a number of specialized surveys and studies that scrutinize various aspects of R&R within a project. The underlying principle of these studies and surveys is the core value of community participation wherein the community is at the center of the intervention.

Resettlement Census Surveys
• Community Consultations
• Community Led Transect Walks
• Household Interviews
• Group Discussions
• Gender Study
• Focus on Most Marginalized
The community is at the core of every study and survey

The surveys and studies seek to provide a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative coverage of the communities being affected by development projects, looking into social, economic, poverty and resource considerations. The results derived thereby serve as the basis for planning social interventions to mitigate the adverse impacts being incurred, and being able to do so in a measured, well strategized and well budgeted manner. Our research methodologies and approaches are participatory and inclusive, paying special attention to the vulnerable, elderly, women, disabled, children, and marginalized communities.
Our team members have worked in the capacity of Social Development and Resettlement Specialists on several Asian Development Bank (ADB) projects in India and the larger South Asian region, in preparation and review of social safeguard risks in infrastructure projects.

ASK has facilitatedvarious studies and surveys ranging from Initial Poverty and Social Assessments (IPSA), Socio-economic surveys, and Resettlement Census Surveys for several infrastructure projects comprising of transport, urban,power transmission and power generation projectsand multi-sector infrastructure projects. Similar surveys have also been undertaken for government and autonomous agencies, details of which may be found on the link for Key Projects.


Initial Social & Poverty Assessment (IPSA)
An IPSAis undertaken so as to gain an in-depth understanding of the socio-economic ground realties and poverty scenario of the project area, as well as to enlist the perceived positive and negative impacts that the project would make therein. IPSA assessments are undertaken based on a participatory methodology comprising of acomprehensive stakeholder analysis and interactions by means of focus group discussion, semi-structured interviews, PRA exercises and adetailed gender analysis. Other socio-cultural risks that may or may not be directly linked to the project, such as HIV/AIDS and human trafficking, are also assessed during the course of the assessments.

Baseline Surveys
ASK has undertaken the development of baseline surveys for a number of development organisations and projects that work on projects of infrastructure development, and wish to aptly understand the prevailing socio-economic conditions of a proposed project area prior to the commencement of the project. Baseline surveys further serve as benchmarks for subsequent evaluation and monitoring of interventions, and providing effective measures and statistics in being able to do so. Baseline surveys are structured individually depending upon the region of study, communities, contexts, and issues of concern.

Inventory of Loss/ Census Surveys
Census surveys are the basis for development of resettlement action plans for the adversely affected populations in a project-affected area, with a clear focus on those most vulnerable. The ASK team of field professionals have conducted a number of extensive census surveys across the lengths and breadths of the country for development projects leading to loss of assets. The surveys provide a comprehensive inventory of the type of assets lost and extent of loss incurred by the project affected people, serving asa clear source for resettlement action plans and implementation of mitigation measures for the affected persons (APs).

Impact Assessments
An Impact Assessment seeks to specifically understand the major outcomes of a development project on the lives of the affected communities, enlisting the major strengths and limitations, so as to develop and present learning and recommendations that would help enhance the positive impacts and limit the adverse impacts of the project. Special attention is paid to the poor and vulnerable groups in order to ensure their best interests are put forth in the process of project planning and execution.

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