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The Indian Corporate Sector has always been a key player in the development process. For years now business ethics and labour laws have governed how socially responsible businesses should be run. Over the years though, the Indian Corporate

Sector has undergone tremendous change with regard to trends concerning Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy. The scope of work under these domains has been re-defined and brought to focus time and again, especially with the introduction of legislations and bills that guide and govern Corporate spending and contributions to social development.

Concisely put, “Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families, as well as of the local community and society at large" (Source: World Business Council for Sustainable Development in its publication "Making Good Business Sense" by Lord Holme and Richard Watts)

ASK has sound expertise and a rich background of working with the Corporate Sector in India as well as Internationally. Our work spans across effective implementation of labour laws, enabling factories improve operations, management and supervision, providing capacity building inputs, as well as helping Corporates to plan, strategize, implement and measure fruitful CSR initiatives.

You may read more about our perspectives and experience across key socio-economic-managerial domains by visiting our page on Focus Areas. Mentioned below are ways in which we believe we could be of assistance to you. This is a concise list of services specifically for Corporates. Further details regarding our methodologies, processes, service types, and experience, may be found under the relevant We Offer pages.


Social Audits & Remediation: We adopt an objective, non-threatening and facilitative approach towards social auditing. Our experienced team of auditors possess expertise and know how in labour and human rights issues, health and safety standards, local laws and international labour standards including the International Labor Organization (ILO) Core Conventions and

the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, among others, along with Industry Best Practices. At ASK the entire premise of initiating a remediation is to collaborate and become partners in the process of improving the present situation with respect to labor standards and human rights.

Training & Factory Improvement Programme: ASK provides its services in partnering with factories to help them improvetheir systems of HR, compliance, policies, working conditions, supervision, management, and in developing their own codes of conduct. The programme may be administered through a combination of training sessions, exercises, group discussions, workshops, and seminars, on various subjects of Corporate Codes of Conduct, Labour Laws, Ethical Trade Practices, Gender Sensitivity, Team Work & Conflict Resolution, and Policy Formation, among others.

Organisation Development: Enabling Corporates and/or CSR departments to develop as socially responsible institutions by establishing clarity with respect to CSR on identity, role, approach, policies, long term objectives and organization structure, through a participatory process. An OD is carried out with a thorough context analysis and understanding of the organization/ department’s specific requirements.

CSR Strategy Development & Implementation Support: We are facilitators in the entire process of CSR strategy development, from conceptualization to implementation and evaluation. We hold rich experience of working at the grassroots level through the lengths and depths of the country, as well as with the global business community, and keep abreast with the latest legal and ethical legislatures, bills, and mandates that guide and govern corporate contribution to social development. The motive is to work with businesses towards creating sustainable, relevant, and fruitful CSR strategies and ventures.

Training of Trainers: We assist Corporates, factories, andlarge, medium & micro enterprises that wish to develop their internal training capabilities either by training individuals, or setting up internal training departments. At ASK we facilitate the entire process, while also providing specific trainings to trainers, managers, auditors, and supervisors on skills and approaches to conducting comprehensive and participatory capacity building exercises. Our inputs are always customized to be relevant to participants and contexts.

The Evolution from CSR to CSA

Over the years focus has shifted from just “meeting” the ethical and legal expectations of a business, to “voluntary contributing” to a better society and a cleaner environment. The need to be accountable for the results of CSR initiatives to internal and external stakeholders of a business, is what prevents CSA from being restricted to a mere philanthropic exercise, and goes beyond to actually tracking and owning the change. Access to information, transparency and reporting of CSR practices are three important pre-requisites for any business to be accountable. For business today to sustain itself in the global economy, it needs to think strategically and develop ways and means by which it can be accountable to the society, its people, and to its environment.

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