We started with a strong desire to make a meaningful contribution in the lives of people, especially the marginalized.


ASK was conceptualized by a group of young social development professionals in the year 1993, as an organization that would work for the interests of marginalized communities. The vision of these professionals was to form an institution focused on building the capacities of various stakeholders in civil society for a more effective use of present day resources. This, it was visualized, would be done by sensitizing and building the capacities of the various development players on diverse social issues. ASK began to work actively from the year 1994 by reaching out to Community Based Organizations (CBOs), and NGOs.

The beginning was humble yet ambitious, with no assured support, but a strong desire to make a meaningful contribution in the lives of the people, and to earn a significant position for ASK as an institution. The beginning was made with providing training support to NGOs and development projects, and conducting evaluation and documentation assignments. These initiatives were supported by CBOs and NGOs themselves, making ASK highlyaccountable towards them. ASK consciously avoided approaching donors for meeting its financial requirements so as to maintain an independence stance.

Some of our earliest clients were Uttaranchal Youth and Rural Development Centre (UYRDC) in Chamoli district of Uttaranchal in India, Indo Canadian Agriculture Extension Project in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan Agricultural Drainage Research Project.

Today, the reach of ASK has expanded to cover NGOs across India as well as in countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, and Thailand. Within India, ASK has worked with NGOs on development projects in practically all the regions of the country, including the North East Indian states. The profile of NGOs with whom ASK has worked is also diverse, ranging from service delivery to rights based organizations, as well as grassroots level organizations to national and international organizations.

Over the years ASK has realized the important of reaching out to other key players bearing a role in the development of the society, including the Government, Development Aid agencies and the Corporate sector, so as to work with them on the mandate of creating socially responsible development. Today ASK works actively with these stakeholders through its dedicated Programme Divisions.

We Believe In
  • Professional
  • Accountability
  • Open Communication
  • Respect and
  • Consideration
  • Learning From
  • Experience
  • Honesty to Self
  • and Others
  • Belief in Human Potential