We facilitate learning across borders through our partners, missions, and experiences in the South and South East Asian regions.


Over the years ASK has acquired not only global exposure but also global recognition in maintaining extremely high standards of professionalism and work ethics in the international social development domain. Our work spans across countries, with special focus on countries in South and South East Asia. Our mandate of working towards equitable social development, our knowledge of the global development scenario, and our expertise in working with people across countries, cultures, and communities has ensured long term partnerships between ASK and International Organisations across the world. We believe our work speaks for us. We also believe that global outreach and a mutual sharing of knowledge and experiences at the global level is a must for holistic social and economic development.

Mentioned below is a list of some of our International Partners, along with the countries in which we have worked together and the nature of work undertaken. For further information on our coverage in India, we request you to please visit the India


ADB - ASK Staff Consultants
Countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Uzbekistan, Vietnam
Nature of work: Social Impact Assessments, Baseline studies and surveys, Development of Resettlement Action Plans and Institutional Capacity Strengthening of the Executing and Implementing Agencies on social development
Baptist World Aid Australia (BWAA)
Countries: Bangladesh, India, Nepal
Nature of Work: Capacity Building inputs to BWAA partners in these countries. End-line Evaluations of Projects and Programmes supported by BWAA.
Caritas Network
Countries: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, Switzerland, Caritas Internationalis
Nature of work: Organization Development (Organization and program assessment and Strategic Planning) Results Based Management, Project Evaluations
Churches of Christ Overseas Aid (COCOA)
Countries: India
Nature of Work: Project specific Evaluation of COCOA funded project in India
Countries: India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Netherlands
Nature of work: Trainings and accompaniments on Results Based Management, Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction Programme & Project Specific Evaluations, Organisation Development for Selected Partner NGOs, Training of Trainers.
Countries: India
Nature of Work: Project Evaluations
European Commission
Countries: Global Project
Nature of Work: An R&D project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission which has as its main goal to contribute to strengthen monitoring and evaluation (M&E)of European Union (EU) funded interventions in developing countries in the specific area of Health.
Countries: India
Nature of Work: Trainings, Programme & Project Evaluations of development interventions supported by ICCO.
International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
Countries: India, Regional
Nature of Work: Conceptualization, design and implementation of IDRC funded Project titled “Advancing the theory and practice of Evaluation” which led to creation and institutionalization of Community of Evaluators (CoE) in South Asia; ENRAP Project Monitoring,
Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Countries: India
Nature of Work: Social assessments as part of the Special Assistance for Project Formation (SAPROF) for the Tourism Development Project Phase- I in India.
Countries: India, Cambodia, Ethiopia
Nature of work: Capacity building on Results Based Management, Participatory Development, Developing Child Protection Policies
Manos Unidas
Countries: India
Nature of Work: Project Evaluations
Countries: India, Bangladesh
Nature of Work: Mid-terms and End-line Programme& Project specific Evaluations of development interventions supported by Misereor
Countries: India
Nature of Work: Programme & Project Evaluations
Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
Countries: Afghanistan
Nature of Work: Trainings, Programme & Project Specific Evaluations
Woord en Daad
Countries: India
Nature of Work: Programme & Project Specific Evaluations,
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