Resettlement & Rehabilitation
Promoting and embracing socially responsible rehabilitation to mitigate adverse impacts of forced displacement and resettlement.


Issues of displacement arise due to lopsided development, wherein communities are forced to give up substantial portions of their assets without being recognized as primary stakeholders in development projects. The dedicated Resettlement & Rehabilitation (R&R)division of ASK, works to address such consequences of development-induced displacement.

ASK works with multilaterals, government bodies, autonomous institutions, private sector and financial corporations to address the agenda of social development and R&R in all such projects which entail involuntary resettlement.

This is done by means of facilitatingpreparation of a pro-poor, pro-people & equitable policy framework in order to help achieve socio-economic and environmentally sustainable development, thereby safeguarding the rights and interests of the affected communities.

Taking cognizance of the gravity of R&R concerns in the south-Asian region in general, and India in particular, ASK has been working on these issues for promoting the concept of ‘socially responsible rehabilitation’, wherein executing and implementing agencies embrace the fact that socially responsible rehabilitation is an integral part of their responsibility and not an obligation or liability.

ASK has provided support to multilateral agencies, Project Sponsors and project executing agencies in preparing as well as implementing social mitigation plans, frameworks and measures in infrastructure projects covering sectors of Transport, Urban Development, Power, and Multi-Sector projects, among others.


Preparation of Resettlement Action Plan
A Resettlement Action Plan or Resettlement Plan (RP) is a comprehensive framework that details the concerned infrastructure development project and its consequent impacts in terms of losses incurred. Preparation of an RP includes the development of an inventory of losses and presents an adequate mitigation strategy in the form of entitlements for those adversely affected, as per the extent to which they are affected. Apart from this, in-depth institutional arrangements, budgets, and monitoring & evaluation mechanisms are also laid out in the RP.

Capacity Building on R&R
ASK works with implementing and executing agencies of R&R projects, including Government bodies, autonomous institutions, the private sector and financial corporations, in order to build their capacities on social development issues pertaining to R&R. The Division provides customized training inputs based on scope and project context. These include trainings for stakeholders such as apex level institutions and R&R officers on mitigation of risks,community consultations, rights and entitlements of affected communities, grievance handling mechanisms, etc., to address R&R challenges faced by the implementing agencies and facilitate effective implementation of RPs.

Preparing Consultation and Participation Plan
Consultation and Participation is a process whereby stakeholder’s influence and share control over development initiatives, and the decisions and resources that affect them. Consultation and participation increases the level of support for an infrastructure development project from a range of stakeholders, which in turn speeds up processing and reduces challenges during implementation. As a result, ASK also facilitates integration of Consultation and Participation strategies in the Project cycle right from Project identification to implementation.

Preparing Gender Action Plan
ASK has worked on preparation of project-specific gender action plans (GAP) so as to ensure “gender mainstreaming” in project design and implementation. The plansaddress gender issues in the project and enumerates targets, design features included in the project to address gender inclusion, and facilitate women’s involvement and/or ensure tangible benefits to women, and include gender monitoring and evaluation indicators.

Monitoring Systems of R&R
ASK facilitates projects involving involuntary resettlement, in development of effective Monitoring systems on the issue of Resettlement & Rehabilitation. ASK also undertakes independent Monitoring of implementation of social safeguards Plans in infrastructure Projects.

Conducting Evaluation and Studies on Social Safeguards
ASK also conducts program evaluation and studies for infrastructure projects to identify key socioeconomic themes associated with infrastructure improvement and evaluate the socioeconomic impacts of such projects on the area and communities.

Resettlement Census Surveys
In order to successfully identify and incorporate social dimensions into projects, the Resettlement &Rehabilitation division undertakes a number of specialized surveys and studies that scrutinize various aspects of R&R within a project. The underlying principle of these studies and surveys is the core value of community participation wherein the community is at the center of the intervention. Read More...

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