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Sponsor a Child

“A child working is therefore a future denied”- the ILO Website.

Childhood is a unique gift and a natural right of every individual. But for many, this right is more of a myth than reality. Child labour has for decades been a widespread and rampant phenomenon across most developing and under-developed countries. Large populations reside in poverty, devoid of basic income, shelter, and nutrition, thereby resorting to any and every possible means of income generation, including putting the young members of the family to work for wage from a very tender age.

As per the ILO analysis, the 2001 National Census estimates the number of working children at 12.6 million, of whom 5.77 million are classified as 'main' workers and 6.88 million as 'marginal' workers. The share of workers of the country aged 5-14 years to the total workforce is 3.15 per cent. There are 6.8 million boys and 5.8 million girls in child labour, many of who are engaged in work classified as 'hazardous labour', i.e. harmful to the physical, emotional, or moral well-being of children.

The state of Uttar Pradesh in India records one of the highest concentrations of child laborersacross the world. The amendment to the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986, banning child labour in any form, is definitely a major impetus in the resolve to end this practice. But, there is a long way ahead.

ASK Sankalp, was initiated in Moradabad in 1998 with an aim of reducing this suffering. Our resolve has been to change the lives of children in difficult circumstances. Moradabad is renowned for its brass industries. But this bustling industrial town has a grim reality. It is home to innumerable children who work in the hazardous brass factories. They work on minimum wages which can barely sustain them. These children are also prone to several health hazards including tuberculosis as they are continuously exposed to toxic fumes at the household units. Thus, development and rehabilitation of these children and addressing complex issues pertaining to child labour have been the focal point of our programme.

Sankalp, over the years has been striving to restore childhood to the children working in the hazardous brass industries in Moradabad. We have successfully weaned away 700 children from work and mainstreamed them into education. Now near their home in Rehmat Nagar on Sambhal road is a beautiful building, which they proudly call their ‘Sankalp School’. Along with the education given at Sankalp, children also enjoy a wide range of extra-curricular activities accelerating their all-round development. Formal education is also being provided to children in various government schools associated with us. This program has successfully been replicated in the neighboring town of Sarai Tareen where children have been engaged in making jewelry out of animal bones and horns. 350 of these children now come to Sankalp Centers in Sarai Tareen to study. Similarly in Barabanki where children are involved in weaving activities, 300 children have been enrolled into Sankalp Centers across 4 villages of Barabanki.

We, at Sankalp work closely with the parents of the children and the community in an effort to provide a better future for the children. Without the participation of the community it is an impossible task to spread awareness about the hazards of child labour and to eliminate the problem from the roots. At Sankalp, we are proud that our efforts have borne fruit. We have been able to restore the right to childhood to many, and resolve to continue our efforts in the future as well.

Isn’t it Time You Become a Partner in the Mission to Eliminate the Social Evil of Child Labour From its Roots?

Let us together strengthen our resolve to bring about a positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children. ASK- Sankalp Sponsor a Child Programme was started to bring about a greater participation of the society. Over the years, many individuals and organizations from all over the world have recognized our efforts and have been supporting the children through sponsorship. Child sponsorship is a way of raising long-term support for children, whilealso providing a rich and rewarding experience to donors. It establishes a relationship between a donor and a child in a way that personalizes the challenges of community development while allowing donors to see how their money is making a difference in the life of an individual child, family and their community. Sponsorships help provide for necessities such as access to quality education, primary health care, nutrition, immunization, and recreationalinputs. You can help by contributing in one of the following categories:

Category of Sponsorship


For Education

Rs. 5000.00 per year/per child of class I to V

Rs. 6500.00 per year/per child of class VI to VIII

Rs. 6800.00 per year/per child of class XI and X

For a Children’s Event

As per the requirement of specific event (sports day, children’s rally)

(All donations/contributions to ASK are 50% tax exempt under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act. ASK is registered under FCRA)

As a sponsor you will be in touch with the child and would have access to the child’s profile, annual progress report, and direct communication from the child through letters, as well as to the annual sponsor meet organized to facilitate interaction with the children. If you believe you can be a partner in change and would like to support children in difficult circumstances, please write to us at paridhi@askindia.org, or submit the Sponsorship Form, and we would be happy to get back to you with further details.