Our Team
Learning is a constant at ASK. We believe in challenging ourselves and in fostering an environment of social innovation.

Our Team

Our expertise comes from our team of multidisciplinary experienced professionals, with academic backgrounds of Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Human rights, Development Communication, Extension Education & Computer Applications. ASK is rich in national integrity with its staff coming from various parts of the country like Bihar, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Manipur, Punjab, U.P., Uttarakhand, West Bengal, among others, as well as from different religious faiths. Being a gender sensitive organization, ASK ensures a near equal percentage of male and female staff members.

Our Accomplishments are attributed entirely to our dedicated and professional team members who are committed to the cause of development. ASK as an institution consciously provides its team members an opportunity to grow and develop their knowledge, skills and capacities. ASK believes in the capacity of each individual and helps them in identifying their inherent potential. Responsibilities are thus assigned to them as per their identified potential and interest.

Our Philosophy is to create a work environment that will attract bright, confident and articulate young individuals who look at development as a worthwhile career. ASK has proven itself to be a Learning Organization and has acquired this image in the circles of young aspiring social development professionals. Young professionals look forward to join ASK, to experience quality work with freedom of thought, a high sense of accountability and discipline in a professionally stimulating and dynamic environment, with rapid pace. Soul searching and accountability of self are integral parts of the ASK work culture. We have an informal work atmosphere but high standards of professional excellence.

We Believe In
  • Professional
  • Accountability
  • Open Communication
  • Respect and
  • Consideration
  • Learning From
  • Experience
  • Honesty to Self and
  • Others
  • Belief in Human Potential