About Association for Stimulating Know-how (ASK)

ASK is a not for profit organization which works on the most relevant issues of the most marginalized communities in a ‘Results Oriented Manner’. It is an initiative to strengthen the efforts and processes of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and communities to bring socio-economic empowerment and hence creating sustainable changes for the excluded and marginalized communities.

The team at ASK believes in conceptualizing and augmenting ‘Community Lead’ development in which capacities of most marginalized are built with the purpose to bridge the gaps between the people’s basic needs and services available such as livelihoods, education, health & food security, access to socio economic schemes and services. ASK has adopted a Life Cycle Approach across all its thematic intervention to serve the actual purpose and contribute towards impact. Family is the key target group for ASK as we believe any thematic intervention cannot not be done in isolation, without ensuring upliftment and participation of family as a whole. 

We achieve our targets through continuous engagement with our project team members, our partners and stakeholders such as the CBOs, NGOs, donor agencies, direct and indirect beneficiaries and the whole community.