Stories of Change

“A well-informed decision of safe migration always leads to a positive end”

Sumit (name changed) a 32-years-old aspiring migrant from Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh comes from a joint family. His elder brother is a returnee migrant from a GCC country who has opted to stay permanently in his hamlet and manage a small grocery store, whilst his younger brother is studying and also helps his father with agricultural

“Migrants Resource Centres not only empower youth but their families too to fight against all the odds”

Veer (name changed), a 35-year-old resident from Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, was an in-service migrant who had worked for 9 years in different GCC countries. Veer is married and has a joint family whose primary source of income is agriculture. He planned to go abroad on a tourist visa again to make a living, but this

Distressed Young Migrant brought back from Abu Dhabi to India with ASK’s timely efforts

Vikas (name changed), 21 years old, a resident of district Siwan, Bihar excitedly boarded flight in December 2019 for Abu Dhabi with dreams to earn for the family back home in India and finally get rid of financial hardships. But his dreams were soon shattered when he reached Abu Dhabi. The reason behind his crushed dream

Timely awareness and informed decision making of one aspirant saves other aspirants’ lives

Sonu (name changed), a resident of Ward No. 1 of Gyaspur of Siwan block from Siwan District of Bihar is a blue-collar migrant worker who has worked for 8 years earlier in GCC countries like Saudi Arab, Dubai and Oman. This time too Sonu planned to go to Dubai for work along with his other

Role of MRC in helping the aspirants avoid risks of unsafe and illegal migration

Ramesh and Suresh (name changed) hail from Markan village situated in Markan Panchayat in Hussain block of Siwan district. Like many in their village, they both too are aspiring migrants who want to get a job in a Gulf country and reason for which they came in touch with a local agent from same village.